Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Why is digital marketing is necessary?

Internet industry is game changer in today’s economy. People are prone to its usage and with the advent of digital platforms like Google, Bing,Facebook etc. our professional and personal life are heavily impacted. The world believes in going digital and hence its stands as need of hour for every business to digitize their traditional marketing strategies and gear up for competition. A major concern regarding investments can be resolved if company opts for digital marketing as their strategy.

2) Should every company set up an ecommerce business or website?

It is not essential for everyone.Since it is cost effective, so why not? Having a presence, online helps you bridge the boundaries geographically. There is no dearth of opportunities to establish on digital platform.

General Information FAQ's

How Do I Get Started ?

Calm down. Fill out a “Client Questionnaire” so that we can understand more about your needs, clients and industry. Wanna know more, drop in your contact through our ” Contact Us” . We will set an appointment and you can drop by for coffee and discuss business.

Do I have to sign a long term contract ?

Not really! All of our contracts and service agreements are based on a month to month plan and there are no hidden fees for cancelling your opted services. We will be clearly reporting to you for the service you are going to need from us. But if you wish to maintain this relation, you are are always welcome.

Is there any pricing policy followed ?

We don’t have any pre-priced budget. We understand the client’s need and evaluate based on their requirements. You let us know your requirements and needs and we’ll suggest you the marketing budget, we’ll advise you on your options.

SEO & Search Engine Optimization FAQ's

What is SEO? Why do you need it?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improvising the visibility of your website found on the Internet easily and to make sure that the incoming traffic converts to sales & business Organically (Natural or Unpaid traffic).Search Engine Optimization gives a wide range of scope for your company of being seen by potential customers. Visit us to know more.

What is Pay-Per- Click? How do we manage PPC for you?

PPC (or Pay-Per- Click) is a model of digital marketing where the marketer pay a small fee every time to the search engine if your ad get clicked. We do several testings before placing a campaign. Once we have performed thorough Keyword Research to identify your most profitable keywords,we will make daily adjustments to your campaign.

Web Design & Development FAQ's

Why Should you have a website? Is it user-friendly?

Any business that wants to be competitive in the Online or Offline market needs to have a professional Website, where a user can access valuable information about his need. When you consider building a website for your company,is when you are planning a bright future for your firm. Yes,the experts at Prooverhaul, do create a brand new website that is mobile cum user friendly.

How Long Do Web Design Project Take?

Every project is different, so there is no set timeline. However, we try to get new sites launched somewhere between one to two weeks or a month depending upon the designing requirement.

Web Design & Development FAQ's

Will Social Media Work For My Business?

Absolutely. Social media gives businesses the ability to reach and connect directly with the customers like no other advertising outlet. Sometimes businesses don’t have the time or skills to effectively manage their social media efforts. Our experts have a dense knowledge in managing all the social channels and they can handle all your social properties.

If still unbound about operations at Pro-overhaul, feel free to get in touch with us.

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